• Jeff Proctor, Honda Racing, Honda Off-Road
    Honda Team Principal / Driver

    Jeff Proctor grew up surfing in Southern California and like most American kids played traditional stick and ball sports as well. The allure of racing was sparked from his competitive nature, but it wasn’t until starting his first business, an action sports clothing brand in his college dorm room, that Proctor was able to buy his first motocross bike and begin his lifelong journey in off-road racing.

    Today, Jeff has embarked on his most ambitious chapter of his race career – Partnering with American Honda, HPD-Honda Performance Development and Honda Powersports to create an Off-Road Racing Factory Mega Team. Jeff will not only pilot a custom Honda unlimited Twin Turbo off-road race vehicle but also direct and oversee the team’s entire race operation, including a two car Honda Talon Side by Side team in 2020. Jeff will lead his team and Honda to the podium, bringing more high-level race teams to the exciting sport of off-road racing.

  • Zach Sizelove, Honda Talon, Honda Racing, Talon UTV Driver
    Talon Driver / Endurance Desert

    Zach grew up in the high desert of Southern California racing with his family. From a young age, Zach learned how to work on and build 1600 race cars with his father. Zach is quiet and humble, but there’s a unique switch that turns on once he puts his helmet on. He is a competitor with laser like focus and you can see it in his eyes!

  • Elias Hanna, Honda Talon, Honda Talon UTV
    Talon Driver / Endurance Desert

    Elias Hanna had become one of the most notable Baja racers south of the border as he has claimed 6 championships, including 7 Millstone awards in his career. In addition, he conquered victory 5 times at the Baja 500 and another 5 times at the Baja 1000. Hanna is known for his knowledge of the Baja terrain and race craft which has propelled him to be at threat at the starting line in any race.